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Tag: Motorbike

Restricted (33bhp) 600cc Motorbike Cost More to Insure?

Restricted (33bhp) 600cc Motorbike Cost More to Insure? I am considering getting the GSXR 600cc, but being under 21 I need it restricted to 33bhp I heard that because of the restriction the Insurance is expensive? I know getting a 250cc is about the same as my 125cc Motorbike for insurance, but is there a […]

Motorbike insurance?

Motorbike insurance? motorbike insurance BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : Compare free insurance quotes RELATED: How much does pet insurance cost? im gonna get another dog and i want to know how much the dog insurance costs my dog currently does not have and health problems […]

Motorbike Insurance/Tax/SORN/MOT need help!?

Motorbike Insurance/Tax/SORN/MOT need help!? Hi, I recently bought my first motorbike a few month in advance of my 17th birthday, with the intention to ride it once im 17. When i got the bike, it had no MOT or road tax and it was registered as SORN (meaning it was registered as being off the […]