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Tag: pregnant

Pregnant and no insurance?

Pregnant and no insurance? I just recently found out I was pregnant, I’m married but still on my fathers insurance. My dad told me his insurance covered maternity but doctors office told me it does not. My husband makes to much to qualify for medicaid. My husbands job offers health insurance but it is past […]

Please HELP! I am pregnant with no insurance?

Please HELP! I am pregnant with no insurance? I just found out today that I am pregnant and I don’t have insurance, I own my own business so according to FL state I make too much money to qualify for medicare, which I don’t, please help ,do you know any programs with the hospital where […]

Insurance if your already pregnant?

Insurance if your already pregnant? I found out a week ago that I am pregnant. The trouble is I don’t have any insurance. I want to make sure I am in good care and don’t really want to go some place that will treat me wrong. Anyone know of any insurance companies willing to pick […]

Pregnant with no insurance?

Pregnant with no insurance? I’m in North Carolina. BEST ANSWER: Try this site where you can compare quotes from the best companies : Compare free insurance quotes RELATED: Is there any low health insurance with low deductible? I already have an insurance, but my parents don’t and my dad can’t really afford paying high prices, […]

Is their insurance for pregnant women?

Is their insurance for pregnant women? Hi, I am about 30 weeks pregnant and very scared. I do not have ins at this time. I had a ppo a few months ago that did not cover anything! My bf (ridiculous we were not married) of 11 years just walked out on me and the kids […]